Thursday, 24 April 2014


Tuvitu is a mobile application that offers compelling mobile internet experience. We put you in control of the content you desire, giving you simple instant access to your favorite mobile internet content.


It puts you in control of the content you desire, giving you simple access to the mobile internet allowing you to discover and share what you love and use the mobile for more than just voice and text.




Rocking access to health content and services in emerging markets.Think sustainable impact, think healthy society...think MedAfrica!


MedAfrica is platform that provides a suite of health services (health widgets) such as symptom checkers, first-aid information, doctor & hospital directories as well as relevant alert services.


Users can add(subscribe)/remove(unsubscribe) the health services they choose. The platform will constantly be populated with new services from the health ecosystem.


The service aims to make healthcare information affordable and accessible to Kenyans.


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 KTraffic is a mobile app that shows images of Kenyan roads thus allowing users to track state of the roads periodically.The traffic feeds are powered by AccessKenya Limited.





How many times have we been part of disscussions or listened to people talking about their constituencies and the disbursement of the funds?  More often than not, the conversations focus on the need to have a more transparent way of accounting Constituency Development Funds (CDF).


CDFMonitor is an application available on the Ovi Store that can be used keep track of the Constituency Development Fund. Kenyans can check on what is going on in their constituency  and raise alarm incase of funds misappropriation.




Rich Stocks

The RICH app version 1, available on the Ovi Store, tracks stock prices in near real time while the stock markets are open. A valuable source of information for any investor, large or small.


It also provides historical information on individual stocks in the form of a graph.





PoiMapper is a mobile POI data collection and sharing solution developed for affordable GPS-enabled feature phones. PoiMapper makes fieldwork more efficient and reliable and improves the capability to plan and monitor field activities. It is suitable for development programs focusing on topics such as health, education and agriculture as well as for commercial use such as installation and maintenance of telecommunications equipment..

With PoiMapper it is possible to

  • define program specific point-of-interests (POIs), routes and areas with associated data to be collected
  • data can be of multiple types: text, numbers, single and multichoice alternatives, conditional subquestions
  • capture pictures to be included for POIs
  • collect data with affordable mobile phones with GPS and camera
  • upload data directly to a central database over the cellular network or via an internet connected computer
  • edit existing data in the mobile device during follow-up visits
  • back-office reporting and analysis
  • visualize the collected data in different ways

We are currently testing PoiMapper in the field in Kenya, in collaboration with Plan International.

OviStore Products

We have several products published on the OviStore. Please go to link below to view and download for free..





MedAfrica wins Ericsson Application Awards 2012!

MedAfrica launched!

MedAfrica presents at Demo Fall 2011!

MedKenya wins Pivot25 competition!

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RichMobile, KTraffic & more apps now available on Ovi Store!